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Litter Kwitter

LITTER KWITTER Cat Toilet Training System

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LITTER KWITTER is an award-winning system designed to rid your home of the smelly and unhygienic litter box by training your cat to use the regular human toilet in eight weeks or less. The system includes a white toilet seat cover and three colored rings. Start by placing the seat cover–including all three rings filled with litter–on the ground next to the toilet, then gradually move them onto the toilet. Once positioned on the toilet, you can begin removing the inner rings and reducing the amount of litter to lead him through the three stages of behavior modification–balancing on the toilet, aiming into the bowl, and finally, relieving himself without the need for litter. By gradually reducing the amount of litter and increasing the size of the opening over time, your cat can become one of the more than one million cats that have learned to use the toilet since the product was launched in 2005. Detailed instructions and a DVD are included to guide you through each step of the process.

Key Benefits
  • The white toilet seat cover and colored rings teach any litter box-trained cat to use the toilet in eight weeks or less by gradually reducing the amount of litter and increasing the size of the opening.
  • Eliminates the messy, smelly litter box and the inconvenience of cleaning the box on a daily basis.
  • Protects your home and family from germs and bacteria that could be present on your cat’s paws when using a traditional litter box.
  • Save hundreds of dollars on cat litter each year; the system fits most standard toilets and can also be re-used to train multiple cats.
  • Developed with veterinarians, animal behaviorists and cat breeders to be safe, effective and easy.
What's Included

The Litter Kwitter ships with full printed instructions plus a DVD to lead you through each stage of the training system. The DVD will play on a PC, MAC or DVD player.


Step 1

Red Stage: This stage trains your cat to use the bathroom whenever they need to go. The special white seat starts on the floor like a regular litter box before the whole thing is placed on the toilet rim when the cat is ready.

Step 2

Amber Stage: This stage is a training disc that goes on the toilet with a small hole in the center surrounded by litter. Your cat stands on the litter while learning to balance. Your cat will experience going into the water for the first time.

Step 3

Green Stage: This final stage uses the disc with the large hole. Your cat learns to go directly into the toilet while balancing all four paws on the seat with their rear over the hole.

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