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Dogit ZEUS H2EAU Drinking Fountain 6L

Hagen ZEUS H2EAU Drinking Fountain 6L

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Previoulsy known as Dogit Drinking Fountain by Hagen.

Suitable for both dogs and cats.

The Zeus™ H2EAU Drinking Fountain responds to your pet's need for a continuous supply of fresh and clean drinking water. The re-circulating water flow eliminates stale, stagnant water to provide fresh, filtered water with a multitude of inherent health benefits. The fountain is elevated to provide a better drinking position–ideal for large breeds, older dogs or dogs with arthritis, muscle and joint problems.

  1. Elevated Design for a better drinking position.
  2. Re-circulating Flow eliminates stale, stagnant water
  3. Large Surface Area for Greater Oxygenation
  4. Triple Action Filter softens tap water, collect debris, helps absorb odors (filter included)