This online store is created primarily to sponsor medical and boarding needs of shelter dogs rescued off the streets of Singapore. We have resumed overseas shipping, terms and conditions apply.

Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

This "Privacy Policy & Terms of Use" applies when you visit our online store @ , use our service / make a purchase / become our suppliers or become our local or overseas distributors / retailers. is an ecommerce shopping site supported by a back end Singapore based pet supplies warehouse dealing with distribution of locally made or imported pet supplies in Singapore. This ecommerce shopping site is powered by Shopify and hosted on Shopify Inc. 

When you make a purchase on our online store, you will provide personal information sufficient for us and Shopify to complete your purchase. Such information includes your name, delivery address, contact number, email address, credit card information and any other information which you may be asked to fill in. If you are our suppliers, local or overseas distributors / retailers, the information provided by you will be governed by a separate agreement where applicable.

When you provide us with your personal information to initial a purchase, you have implied that we may contact you directly in our attempt to complete your purchase delivery or in dealing with matters related to your purchase. We may use emails, phone calls, SMS, Whatsapp or any other method which is necessary to communicate with you effectively and timely.

Where you are redirected to third party platforms for information or for any product listings for purchase, please take note that your privacy will be governed by a different set of rules and regulations set by the third party merchants/ platforms where these are outside of our control.

If you subscribe to our newsletter (where applicable), we may send you emails or connect with you via mailers or letters to offer you information on such as promotions, new products or other updates on

Upon the completion of your purchase, or after subscribing to our newsletter (where applicable) and you wish to withdraw your consent for us to contact you, please send us an email on

We may disclose your personal information if we are required by law to do so to initiate any lawful investigation or to trace a missing parcel / mail.

Your personal information such as credit card or bank details are required to make a purchase on our store and we deem it as a permission by you to allow any necessary service providers (such as Shopify, credit card companies, banks, our suppliers) to process such information to assist us to complete your purchase. Such service providers may have a different privacy policy depending on the laws governing them in the country / states where they are located.

At any one time when you are re-directed to a third party payment website or facility to make a payment for your purchase on our store, you are to take note that you will be governed by other terms of use with the third party.

By using and browsing on our store and/or make a purchase, you are responsible to ensure that you are of the lawful age required by your country of residence to authorise any purchase. Also, you imply that you are permitted to use or disclose the credit card information, permitted or authorised to use the choice of delivery address and you are responsible for any unlawful act.

If you are concerned about disclosing personal information electronically on our online store, you may contact us on for alternative payment methods subject to our final mutual agreement.

Please take note that listed prices, discounted prices or the number of available stocks on our online store may change, may be updated, may be amended or removed if we spot any errors or when such discounts are no longer applicable by instructions of our management or our suppliers. However, we will honor prices which are indicated at the point when you successfully check out your shopping cart as long as we have accepted / processed your order.

You also understand that at times you may be contacted by us to inform you if coincidentally or occasionally, the purchase you have made has run out of stocks, is discontinued or if the next shipment from our suppliers is arriving late or if our suppliers or ourselves have stopped the sale of any items due to safety concerns or by instructions of our suppliers. In any of such incident, we will refund your purchase if you instruct us to do so or we will arrange for the earliest shipping date upon stocks arrival or stocks availability.

Information describing products on our online store may also be changed, amended or modified as and when necessary to improve a product description.

Where sizes are indicated, please take note of them when making your purchase decision and do not rely solely on the images of the products when you compare between products listed on our online store. Texture, brightness or colour shades of products may differ in reality when compared to product images posted on our store as a result of digital effects (such as the colour and brightness settings on your browsing device), when in doubt please contact us on 

The images of products posted on our online store may be subject to copyright imposed by us or our suppliers. You are not permitted to copy or use them on other shopping sites or reproduce them for any public use purpose without our prior permission. 

By using or browsing our online store, your browsing sessions may be collected by Shopify to help us to understand more about your shopping behaviour. Such experience may include discarded shopping carts, pages you have browsed, products you have viewed and key words you have searched on our store. However, we at do not spam you and we typically use such information to improve the layout of our pages, adjust prices of our products, stock more relevant products or to remove unpopular products from our online store.

Your browsing sessions may also be used by search engines depending on your own cookies setting on your browser/s and these are entirely outside of our control.

To improve your shopping experience or enhance our online store or as and when there is a need for us to respond to changes in relation to the privacy of our customers who make purchases on our online store or in relation to the terms of use, we may from time to time make changes to the Privacy Policy & Terms of Use and such changes will take immediate effect as soon as they are posted and made visible to the public.

Thank you.