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About Us

MyFurKids.sg is an online store promoting lifestyle living for dogs and cats and we are based in Singapore. We offer a variety of products for the well-being of your fur kids, freshness guaranteed with our warehouse logistics. 

While you find meaningful products to improve the lifestyle of your pets, we would like you to know that this store is run by volunteers and your purchases help to contribute towards our sponsorship for the food, lodgings and medical needs of our shelter dogs (rescued off the streets of Singapore) and for TNR* dogs and some cats which we care for on the streets.

Due to limited resources, we are not always able to stock up in bulk and may miss out on offering better deals to you. Therefore, we do not always have the most competitive prices for items published on our store.

We currently operate a private shelter to keep our street dogs while our volunteers train them to get them ready for permanent homes or for foster homes.

We feed TNR* strays on streets by leaving food and water at designated spots on a daily basis. While we definitely do not earn sufficiently from this ecommerce shopping store to support our mission, every dollar counts and your purchase, no matter how small, is appreciated. 

If you wish to know more about how you may further contribute towards the basic needs of our shelter dogs or are keen to understand more about our adoption programme, please write to us at dogscomfortcare@gmail.com .

Thank you!

TNR* - Trap and Release Programme approved by the relevant government authority in Singapore.