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Senior dogs

are the most understanding guys. They have been through it all, with you.

"I am only a dog to you. You are my family."

Do you know that after you have returned home from a long day at work, your fur kid has waited for a whole day for his walk?

An online store with great stuff you shouldn't miss.

We know pet ownership is a new journey for some of you, a tiring one for some of you but definitely an exciting one for many of us as we bond with our fur kids.

We are here to make it a little easier and happier for you and your fur kids by introducing interesting and useful day-to-day food and non-food products, with offers and discounts which we will always try to extend to you, as much as we can.

From time to time, you will find selective products of ours on other 3rd party shopping sites such as our collaboration with LAZADA and Shopee. You are welcome to visit those external seller centres of ours to enjoy your privileges with our partners. Please do note that prices and terms of sale may vary from our official MyFurKids.sg shopping site here.

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Seriously ... delicious ~

Ok let's try some !

The best bowl for a healthy dog!

Let's take a look ...

Shakers™ Honkers Duck

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Do you recall?

One of the reasons why we own a fur kid is probably because it takes us outdoor.

Choose the right walking aid.

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Where to sleep

Allocate a permanent sleeping spot for your fur kids so that they feel secured at a familiar spot. ZZZzzzz

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More to come ...

Staying entertained all day long

Quality Functional Feeding Bowls

Choosing the right shampoo

Look out for signs of irritation such as constant scratching after introducing a new shampoo. Always rinse your fur kids thoroughly using warm water and avoid getting water into their ears.

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Toilet Hygiene

We exist for a purpose.

Your purchase helps us with our sponsorship for food, lodgings and medical needs for our homeless fur kids.

Fur kids are such wonderful family members.

They are always the first to welcome us when we are at the doorstep.

Recommended Cat Food

Eat Well

Hill's Science Diet . Royal Canin .

NutraGold . Taste of the Wild . Nature's Gift

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Recommended Dog Food

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