This online store is created primarily to sponsor medical and boarding needs of shelter dogs rescued off the streets of Singapore. In order to raise funds, our products may not be competitively priced as compared to other commercial pet stores, except for clearance items. Order Tel. 87988235.

We exist for a purpose.

Your purchase helps us with our sponsorship for food, lodgings and medical needs for our homeless fur kids.
We give your best friend the best service.
We strive to be gentlemen and ladies.
Thank you for shopping with us.

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About Us - We exist for a purpose.

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What our customers say about us

Very responsive, always keep me posted on the delivery status or when to expect my order.

Lee C.

Understand that this is a very small scale business where the operators are trying their best for a very meaningful purpose and they are very attentive!

T. Sim

Notice that this store's items are usually arriving in a clean and new state.

Mrs B. Wong

At times, we get surprises when they stuffed some treats for my little ones. 

Annie J.

Not a store we always frequent but whenever we did, we are always happy with the outcome.

Mama of Terry

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Dog Treats

Hagen ZEUS H2EAU Drinking Fountain 6L for dogs and cats

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Dome Bowl / Hing Designs

One of our best sellers!

Elevated/tilted position for bed ridden dogs or senior dogs in resting position.

Suitable for puppies and small breeds, other small animals or cats.

Stainless-steel bowl (dishwasher safe) can be removed and washed separately.

None-slip rubber feet.

Made from recyclable plastic.

Check the colours

The best bowl for a healthy dog!

Let's take a look ...

Quality Functional Feeding Bowls

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Eye & Ear Care

Dental Care


Stain & Odor Removal

Toilet Hygiene


Do you recall?

One of the reasons why we own a fur kid is probably because it takes us outdoor.

Choose the right walking aid.

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In fond and loving memory